book of egc atlas of cardiac rhythms
Rob Scott Millar, MB BCh, FCP (SA)

Emeritus Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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The ECG diagnosis of arrhythmias causes more problems to the average practitioner than patterns, such as myocardial infarction or hypertrophy.

I have been involved in the investigation and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias for more than 40 years. I have taught ECGs to students, general practitioners, anaesthetists, emergency room doctors, physicians and cardiologists. This Atlas contains ECGs of all the common, and most of the uncommon, cardiac rhythms.

Around 95 ECGs are reproduced full size, as you would see them at the bedside. Each is followed by detailed analysis on the opposite page. The spiral binding allows you to examine the ECG independently before reading my interpretation. The last 20 form a quiz to allow you to test your skills.

My approach concentrates on making basic observations (rate, regularity and QRS duration), followed by detailed analysis and consideration of the possible underlying mechanisms before coming to a conclusion, and avoiding snap judgements as to the likely rhythm. All the more difficult diagnoses have been validated, usually by invasive electrophysiological studies.

The ECGs are grouped into categories:

• Bradycardias and conduction disturbances
• Abnormal rhythms at normal rates
• Narrow QRS tachycardias
• Wide QRS tachycardias

There is an introductory chapter: "Guide to the ECG analysis of rhythm". Each section is preceded by a text outlining the approach to that group. A final chapter deals with the benefits and pitfalls of computers in respect of ECGs.

This is not a textbook or reference work. My aim is to encourage learning by doing and to instil the habit of systematic analysis of the ECG, bolstered by knowledge of the possible mechanisms underlying the observed abnormalities.
Professor Rob Scott Millar

The ECG Atlas of Cardiac Rhythms is proudly published by
Clinics Cardive Publishing publishers of the
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa.

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The ECG Atlas of Cardiac Rhythms is published by Clinics Cardive Publishing.